INTERVIEW: One On One With Celebrity "DJ Femfad"

Who is Deejay Femfad? 

I'm fadare oluwafemi known as Celebrity dj FEMFAD, born 23 of DEC. 1985. 

In Kano state did my primary school in Kano did jss 1to 3 in Kano before going to isonyin grammar school in Ogun state. Went to university of Maiduguri study Bsc. 

Health Education, finished university 2011, I started as sound engr. 

In school fellowship (RCF UNIMAID) yr2006, I was playing virtual dj as of than just in church. In the year 2013 met with DJ FAD who put me through as a professional dj with serato. 

Then 2014 I  came to Kaduna as a corper to save my father's land. 

That's when the career really started, after service I joined liberty radio as d 1st official liberty radio through the help of Mr. Mowiz and mrs Jakky.

Have worked as a dj at bubble plus club in Kano, transcorp Hilton in abuja, Benue guest house kd,cubic lounge in kd as a dj, now playing at nafclub Kaduna. 

Was the 1st dj to invite dija of Mavin's record and ClassiQ to liberty radio. 

Why Deejaying, Of all Crafts? 

Because I have passion for Deejaying with or without money I'm always happy seeing people happy and dancing its gives me joy when people are happy.

Who do you look up to?

I always look up to God...because every other person will fail me, even my parents failed me so anybody can fail me.

What's your biggest fear in Life?? 

My Biggest Fear is Me I know there are still things in me which I'm yet to reveal to the world. I don't know my Limit yet. 

Will you be Getting Married anytime soon?? 

As soon as I meet the right and special person that will love me for who I am, and also love and respect my Job the way I respect it, then I'll pray and settle down. 

Who is the Biggest DJ in Kaduna?? 

We are all big and Celebrity DJs and in KD as but we all play in different style and have our own fans... But I have DJs I respect a lot wan it com's to playing, people like dj bizzy,dj menthol, dj freeman dj Ussy, dj funk G, dj Sfunk, dj image, djbobo,...wen dey play its give me joy. 

Shout out to My Favorite KrockCity Artists

My Favorite KD Acts are Tedywonder, DIA, phatboi , penny wealth, zeena, kiss boy, I also help in promoting them by always playing their songs on Rotation. 

Who would you love to work with, home or Abroad? 

I'm looking forward to working with both DJs and artists both in KD and outside KD Like dj neptune, dj jimmy, dj eva, dija of Mavin's record, dj altims of Mavin's record, classiq, ,kizz Daniel, effizy DIA, and any good female rapper in KD, I already have a song with Tedywonder and malla. Slay titled TONIGHT. I and teddy Wonder will be Dropping a couple of songs. 

What do we Expect from you? 

Doing collabo with big artist both in KD and outside KD 
Doing Free shows for my fans. Taking Kaduna entertainment to the upper level, and to be a philanthropist. 

What's your greatest regret in Life? 

My biggest regret was that I never had DAT parental care...I miss my parents may there soul rest in Peace. 

One word For Kaduna Artist?? 

And I want advice KD artist to always have dere songs on flash when going to show or when meeting DJs ..having ur songs on flash gives u more rep. In front  if anybode even d DJs ... I hate it wen artist tell me they have their songs on phone and no flash. Professionally ur songs should be on flash. Or u send it through email. But sending through WhatsApp gives d DJs stress in finding it becus WhatsApp change name of sound. 

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Unknown said…
Anonymous said…
God bless you my darling.... Always and forever
Unknown said…
Best of Luck Femfad.
God who has always been there for you will never leave you nor forsake you. He's moving you to the next level.
Unknown said…
Nice one Femfad,u will go places in life, d world will hear u far n wide, just keep d good works going. Cheers
Obg said…
Am very proud of you and i hope to see you win the best dj in the world...the skye is just your starting sincere advice is "never loose your humility" that's the key to accelerated success.#Obg!
Unknown said…
I'm very happy seeing you progre
ssing speedily my friend. Believe me this is just the beginning of greater heights. You have the skills in you and it will never die off. Wish to see you at the peak of your carier.HANNY GOJE