The Gospel of Nipsey Hu$$le By Paul McPetros

Nipsey was Hu$$le. 

Truth be told, I never knew him until his death. I might have come across his name while surfing the web but I never knew his personality, his story, his music, his hustle.

When the news of his death hit the web, I had to check him up on the search engine, Google and the video streaming platform, YouTube. And I was in love with what I heard. I connected to all of his rap songs I watched and listened to. I went hard to read his story.

Nipsey is a father, a community leader, an emcee and a business man. 

I watched a video where he said, "I'm the label, the management and the artiste." That was crazy talk. But it was truth. He was all of these and more.

Nipsey's life and death has a lot to teach artistes that desire to take the route of independence:

It is a long walk to stardom.
Mind your business and be responsible for your decisions.
Don't break the rules. But sometimes you may do.
Master your Craft.
The hustle is a marathon.
Diversify. Investment in other businesses: Real Estate, Merchandising etc
You can be an entertainer and be the voice of the people.
Give back your community.
Be creativity and think like there's no box.

Imagine selling mixtape, a thousand copies for $100 each? Nipsey did that. And his first studio album that was released in February, 2017 was nominated for the Best Rap Album at 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Damn!

Nipsey has become a blueprint. I would preach his gospel to artistes in my region (Northern Nigeria): from BeeHive to Jtown; Jtown to Kroccity. This would be my grand tribute to him. I would share my struggles with my people. I would build my community. I would love humanity as I love God.

Be part of the MARATHON. Hit the web search for all Nipsey's mixtapes: Bullets Ain't Got No Name series, The Marathon, The Marathon Continues and  Crenshaw. Search for Victory Lab too. Listen to all and share.

Rest In Power, Hu$$le.

Paul McPetros is a music journalist and a music business wannabe executive. His mantra is, to share knowledge and provide solutions.

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