ARTICLE: Tupac is The Greatest Rapper Of All Time By Jock Milly

In Reference to All These Young Cats With No Actual Knowledge in Hiphop 

Tupac Is The Greatest Rapper Of All Time

This assertion may not sit well with so many hip hop fans, considering the existence of so many super talented emcees both in his days and in this modern era. However, the statement above stands as an undisputable truth, which the facts following below shall prove. 

First off, many hip hop lovers place too much value on bars, flows, punchlines, metaphors, puns, etc, which are just mere elements intended to make a rap song sound entertaining and colourful. 

But it must be clear that hip hop, being a resistant culture, which rap music is one of the elements used to push this movement, is beyond what this generation wants to reduce it to. And the only major mainstream rapper in history who ever truly and actively represented this culture home and abroad, was Tupac. 

Pac was never about some literary devices. He was strictly about the hip hop course. He knew that just like the rest of the elements of hip hop, Rap was just a tool to serve the course of the movement. Hip hop is essentially about the impact to be made in the lives and minds of the people, than about the aesthetics of its component parts. It is a resistant culture, and Pac's life and music sincerely stood for that course all the way through.

It's easy for a young hip hop lover of this washed off version of hip hop generation to compare Pac with the likes of Joyner Lucas, J. Cole, Kendrick, who are for the most part, just performers. Yes they drop knowledge, but that's more or less what they mostly do. Hip hop gives power to the people. But today's Hip hop does the direct opposite. And even the few cats around that seem to be dropping the knowledge, only do so to merely stimulate their fans' intellect. It's more like some intellectual sport going on, with no any recognizable impact or progress to write home about.

Unlike in the era of Pac, who was the only individual rapper in history who became a real pain in the ass of the government. He was 100% out there making disciples not fans. Pac inspired true resistance that commanded fear and constituted threat to the government of the day. He made the people felt heard, because the heat of his impact ran through the streets. The government could tell their was a force out there to be reckoned with. 

Even Nas and a host of their fellow contemporaries played safe. Pac was that cat who didn't just stop in the vocal booth, stage, and all the other safe platforms where most of these modern emcees would rather drop knowledge on and get accolades from their online brothers and sisters. 

If Rap culture and what it stands for, which is uplifting the people by inspiring them to stand up against all forms of political injustices and cultural decadence, is to speak on who truly served its course diligently, no bars-dropping, metaphors-spitting, or punchlines-lords would ever get acknowledged.

All those elements only serve to entertain. And funny enough, not even a well loaded message without activism, can stand an emcee out as long as the true essence of hip hop is concerned.

But don't get it wrong, if it were just about poetry, which was there before hip hop, those elements could rank your modern poets exceptionally high. Except that hip hop or rap music, as it is sometimes used interchangeably, is defined by its course, and not by the beauty of the elements that makes it up.

In closing, the general basic point here is that, Rap is not just some poetic rendition. Rap is a full blown movement. And a movement is a full package that goes beyond what these modern cats have been all about these days. 

Rap today has been reduced to a studio and stage activity, as opposed to what it was originally - a studio and street activism. Peace!

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Unknown said…
i stand with jock pac is the greatest
Anonymous said…
2Pac is still relevant till this day because of what he stood for and how he used rap to influence his generation, he said alot of truths n facts and we love him for that.I think he is the great because of impact. But is hiphop or rap is entertainment, it's intellectual, it's a lifestyle, it's activism and J-Cole, Kendrick and Joyner have all of these.