ARTICLE: Dear Artist, Write Songs About Everyday Reality. By Jock Milly

Dear Artist, 

Write Songs About Everyday Reality

Stop concentrating on topics only a handful of the society, mostly just those within your circle, can relate to. This goes especially to up and coming rappers. 

There are everyday reality people go through. Things that do not need too much lyrical skills to drive home. 

Music should be like life itself. Like a hangout spot where people visit to reflect and digest the beauty in the struggle of life which they were too busy to take notice of while they were grinding.

An artist reflects life, that quiet side of it that only the observant mind gets to notice. He molds pains into art and sells  it to us.

Until an artist realizes he owns the society his art, he may forever create music to suit only his tiny little world. 

Dwell on everyday topic - scams, drugs, betrayal, hypocrisy, faith, favouritism, etc. Stories that is everyone's concern. Topics that is seriously bothering. And not bars and punchlines.

Not taking a shot at those elements, but rather suggesting that they shouldn't be what your music should be primarily about. Because when bars matter most, the message matters less.

People want their minds spoken. Their wishes reassured, that is why religious houses attract the most number in this part of the globe. 

People want to hear what they have an idea on. That is why subjects talking about abstract realities such as, Physics, Chemistry and the rest in secondary school, bore the hell out of most students. 

People want a straight clear message. Their daily live is already complicated enough.

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