My Struggles As A Petite Model. By Izabelle


As a child, one of my dreams was to be like those women i saw on television who 'wore clothes and walk down a long road'. Growing older, I got to know they were called 'models' and I knew that no matter what, my passion for modeling would never die. 
The older I grew and my horizon broadened, I realised modeling was beyond the beautiful pictures, the designer clothes, the perfect catwalk and colourful make-up. Aside all these glamour, it was about being a role model to people out there. Being an inspiration to the young generation because in you they see someone to look up to in every positive way.

Finally getting into the modeling world by joining an agency was a dream come true. Despite being a petite, or more formally a small model, I was determined to be a voice in the industry. 

Everything seemed okay. The training was fun and I was a fast learner but soon all the excitement was short lived as I realised in this part of the world, petite models are paid little to no attention.

My body size became my greatest limitation. Very few people showed interest in how good I was rather than how I did not fit into the standard. Asking myself what the 'standard' is, I could only come up with one answer: 'being tall'. Going for auditions or castings became something I dread because as soon as I walk through the door, I get odd looks from the judges like I should not be there. 

Then I watch how at the end, taller models who clearly have nothing else to offer than their height are picked. These limitations goes to the extent of photoshoots, commercials and other jobs that clearly do not require being tall.

This is not just my story but the stories of most petite models which is why most small models just go into pageantry instead of facing the pain of rejection. Being petite is like being trapped in a child's body. Being a petite model feels like being a dwarf in a world of giants.

You sit down and listen to how you can only get one or two local jobs that are most times not worthwhile. You get to hear how it will take a miracle to even go national not to talk of international. Very few agencies even bother to go through your portfolio and getting signed becomes a harder task. 

All these not because you are not good but because you do not fit their 'standard'.

Most times I feel like just giving up on my modeling dreams but then I draw my inspirations and urge to keep trying from petite models around the world like Amina Blu (5'1"), Anja Konstantinova (5'4"), Kate Moss (5'7") and Lily-Rose Depp (5'3") who did not let being petite stop them from making a respected mark in the industry, walking the best international runways and becoming fashion icons.

I may be a petite model but I can still make headlines. Besides I haven't toured the world yet!!!

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