Pastor Escapes Jungle Justice After Being Wrongly Accused of Rape and being demonic in Sabo Kaduna

Some boys came this morning looking for the pastor beat him to stupor and stabbed him at the back...

It turns out that the girl left home over 4months ago, then some people saw her at las Vegas and took her home to her Grandmother by force..
 she was then brought to the pastor's place for deliverance, during prayers she pulled her clothes claiming she's on her period in front of the pastor, her grand ma and Church members,

One lady gave her a wrapper to cover herself immediately she ran away shouting and calling people that the pastor poured candle, acid and even used handkerchief to rub her vagina that was how it all summed up to the pastor's injury with those boys, until police came and took them all to the station.

The pastor is innocent and currently receiving treatment..

when all this happened the boys that came to beat the pastor stole some stuffs at his church and even at the pastor's friend's house he ran to hide in.

Sorry can't post the girl pix cuz of her nudes✌


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