Yung L Deserves More Recognition Than He Gets

Few Dancehall artists in the Nigerian music industry can boast of more talent, finesse, style than Yung L. The singer has the sauce.
Yung L is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. An impressive one at that. He’s the kind of musician you can listen to and never tire from his sound. He has vibes that can awaken even the most lifeless body.
Yung L singer
Yung L
The talented singer started singing from a tender age. His mother played a part in his predilection for music, taking him to church to meet with the drummer and pianist. This was where Yung L learned how to play drums and instruments. He familiarized himself with different components and understood the rudiments of music.

Starting out and forming a music group

Following his passion, Yung L later pursued a career in music while studying in the University of Jos. This was where he met with other rising acts like Ice PrinceEndiaJ. Milla, and Chopstix (producer).
They created a group GRIP. The group, which is popularly known as Grip Muzik, exists till today. They (both as a group and individuals) have churned out countless bangers.
Yung L singer

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