Clark Kent, Clark Kent, we need a Superman so I had to get into the booth" - MI Abaga

That line from MI sum up the reason why Paul McPetros is making a rap song titled "The god eMCee.

It's going to be so controversial. Some quarters would not like him in his locality. And true is, he has no catalogues or major projects to my name. The only thing that came close to a project was his debut EP titled NIGERITUDE: The quality of been Nigerian Origin. The EP addressed the  past and contemporary issues in Nigeria. But what good are your catalogues when they are not shifting the culture.

Paul McPetros is a student of the culture.  He's a hip hop head. He has done such for the culture in his locality on the radio when he was an On Air Personality with the Bauchi Radio Corporation, he had a radio show called the Hip Hop Special where everything Hip Hop was the subject. 

Years later, he metamorphes into an industry guy who was not just talking about Hip Hop but Music Business. His weekly radio show TIMEOUT at then was geared towards informing and educating artistes and other stakeholders about the essence of Music Business.

He has worked in different capacities as an artiste, OAP, talent/brand manager, music journalist. But his Ultimate Goal is to be a Music Business Executive.

He has alot to offer to the Hip Hop Culture and the African Music Business.

His new rap song, The god eMCee is slated to be released as soon as possible. 

I would bring you links to the rap song when it's out.

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