Mr Ibu, The Drake Curse and all the savage Tweets Nigerians are using to 'mock' Anthony Joshua after his shocking defeat

Fans of British born boxer, Anthony Joshua are still in shock after his embarassing loss to Mexican-American boxer, Andy Ruiz Jr.

While many say he fell victim to the proverbial 'Drake Curse', many Nigerians are mocking the boxing champion by comparing his opponent to popuplar Nollywood comedian, Mr Ibu.

The fact that Joshua lost his world titles to a 'pot bellied' fighter made it all the more worse.

See some of the hilarious reactions below....

I'm not even worried about going to the gym because I know it's not by muscle anymore. Look what Mr Ibu did to Anthony Joshua.
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Whoa! I never thought he could go down😯...I guess there's non who can't be defeated. But whichever way, defeat changes nothing and has got nothing to do with you rising again👌🏼

Like and retweet for Anthony Joshua!
With Mr Ibu, Thor, Drake and 9 others 😁
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I wonder why Mr Ibu is trending, I saw him at Abuja Airport yesterday boarding a flight to Ph.. Omo the guy fine for film pass real ground o he belle na epic🤣🤣
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Your final exams start tomorrow and you still have Drake’s pictures on your phone? It’s like you don’t want to have sense. I pity you.

Later you’ll blame your village people 🤦🏾‍♂️
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Absolutely nobody:

Anthony Joshua: Bout to break the drake curse.

Drake curse: Do I look like a joke to you!

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You are a student and you still have Drake's pictures on your phone.
Leemao 😂😂😂
I pity your CGPA
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*After Ruiz defeated Joshua

Drake in a concert

Drake: Heyoo! Who wants a picture with me?
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You have an album of Drake pictures on your phone and you're still wondering why you don't receive credit alerts
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Anthony Joshua took a picture with Drake...
And even boasted he will break the Drake curse...

He just got defeated by Andy Ruiz Jnr.😢😢

Only one man can break the Drake curse...
He is....
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