Ten (10) Things you should know About Kaduna Based Fast rising Producer 'Drumstixx'

1. Tell us About Drumstixx

I'm Samuel Terkula Gwazah, I'm from Benue, Tiv by tribe, my mom is from Kaduna, Kagoro by tribe, so I am chongai...

2. When did you start making Beats?

Basically, I vented into production by December 2015,before then, I was messing around with groovemaker (a phone application, I mean, that one no be production na, hahahaha)

3. Who's your biggest Motivation? 

My biggest motivation is my mom, she's just the best Kawai. 

4. Does your family Support your Dream? 

My mom, yeah, partially (you know she just wants me to be successful) the rest of my family, Noooooooo. 

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 24months?

24 months from now, I see myself working with Davido 

6. What's your Biggest Fear? 

My worst fear is not being successful, not really a fear but it's the thing that scares me most.

7. What should we Expect from Drumstixx next? 

More and more jams produced by yours truly, *removes hat, bows to audience*

8. What's your biggest Regret? 

It's personal though......

9. In no particular order, Mention 10 Artistes you'd love to work with. (WORLDWIDE) 

Worldwide?? Haaa

  - Logic
  - J. Cole
  - Kanye West
  - Chance The Rapper (a joint production) 
  - Ella Mai
  - Tory Lanez
  - Travis Scott 
  - Davido
  - Wizkid
  - Shane Eagle
I can go on and on

10. Between, Weed, Drugs, Women, Alcohol, Fried Rice. (Pick one) 

LOL...Fried Rice Please 

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