Terry Tha Rapman is making a Hip Hop movie of Joe Spazm SZN starring Jesse Jagz - Paul McPetros

Terry Tha Rapman is a brand - a household name in Nigerian Hip Hop community. He has been holding it down for the culture from the early 90s. Two decades and more, Terry Tha Rapman is still relevant to the affairs of the culture. And definitely, the boy turned legend is not smiling. He has his sleeves roll up and his hands on the plough, he is not looking back, he is working to create a dent in the hearts of his fans.

You know how the saying goes, "Numbers don't lie." Terry Tha Rapman has 4 albums (including joint album with Pherowshuz) and 4 mixtapes. And guess what? His 4th solo album is cooking in the kitchen. The title of the album would be "The Legend of Joe Spazm" (TLOJS).

In April 2019, Terry Tha Rapman released his first single of the year called, "Joe Spazm SZN". And since the release, the rap song has been enjoying airplay from radio stations across the country and it has been a subject of discourse among hip hop heads. Terry Tha Rapman has created a buzz with a challenge that is going viral on his Instagram page called #joespazmsznchallenge. The challenge encourages young emcees to make a video version of the Joe Spazm SZN rap song and post on Instagram.

Few days ago on Instagram, Terry Tha Rapman shared a picture of himself in the company of Jesse Jagz and two other fellows. He captioned the picture: "Live EVERYday to the fullest. Shot a movie in Jos starring Emperor @jessejagz and the young kings @slashemcees". 

Terry Tha Rapman was in Jos where he shot the video for his single "Joe Spazm SZN". The video would be produced in the concept of a hip hop movie and also the video would be a medium to create awareness of how big Hip Hop culture is in the North Nigeria contrary to what a lot of industry people think. This is not the first time Terry Tha Rapman is making a video on the Plateau. In 2007, he shot the video for Spazmodic with Modenine in Jos (Lamingo).

The visuals for Joe Spazm SZN starring Jesse Jagz and Slash Emcees would be out at the end of this month. 

It's Joe Spazm SZN and Terry Tha Rapman is making it rain.


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