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Loudspeeka – Balling Ft. Nyx Zyzzyx & Lucky Gee

And BOIL (Best OG in Life) Loudspeeka Decided to Feed those tasty for some good music. On Balling he Brought along Nyx Zyzzyx and Lucky Gee....


Jesse Josh Releases the 10th Piece off the 'HamLord Series 2019'


Here is the 10th piece off the 30 pieces i am currently working on (the hamlord series 2019 project)
I am so excited to see that I have
20 more paintings to go.
I give all glory, thanks and praises to the most high God for grace and inspiration. 

Title: ignore the message (music, activism, continuity, origin, history, passion, past/present/future, style, black excellence, strong culture and intelligent music...)
Size: 3x3 ft
Medium: acrylic on canvas

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