Twitter Rant: Between Veteran 'Aure' Crooner 'DH' And Internet Troll who called His Music Carrier Dead

Twitter Rant: Between Veteran 'Aure' Crooner 'DH' And Internet Troll who called Carrier Dead. 

See DH's Reply Below 👇👇

Dear at Willy Fargo, I don’t know you but you chose to come on my mention on twitter to shame my music career lol. It’s the usual Kaduna hating and jealousy. 

First off, I have lived the life of a superstar that only a few In the history of Kaduna can boast of. 
A 20yrs career that started when I was just a teenager is worth glorifying God for. 
I have not released a song in years and yet I’m One the most celebrated “Local Kaduna Artiste” at any event today. 

I choose not to attend events by design because I have no need for it. Where is the money in the industry? Point me to one dude cashing out in the present kaduna music industry. This is what we want to change so that the new and very talented artists from Kaduna can begin to earn more money and go mainstream. 

People like you are among the reasons why the industry is broke and continue to remain stagnant because you have no respect or regard for people who can help it grow. I know your type, hence my resolve to continue with plans to fix things for the culture along with other brilliant men and women in Kaduna and in diaspora and not be discouraged by stupidity. 

... and by the way, I’m more than a musician now, I’m what you can call THE INDUSTRY because I now invest in it. We will make KADUNA MUSIC INDUSTRY GREAT AGAIN.

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