#Vibes&Melodies: Kalito x Jaywonder Talks to 'Josh Ghani' About Their Forthcoming Album

Hello guys, The interview is back in an unfashionable way through the mid-week. On our Guest table today is rapper, Kalito who talked about his collaborative project with Jay wonder scheduled for release on the 5th of July 2019. it was short and precise. He revealed a lot of things about the project for the first time to the general public while answering some questions i prepared from public opinions. You know we aren’t going to go deep because we have publish articles that covers his biography before read from here KALITO BRIEF HISTORY 


Josh Ghani: Why vibes & Melody?
 Kalito: Because its two Different Energy coming to put in work,Jay got them Melodies while i(Kalito) got the Vibes

Kalito & Jay Wonder’s Vibes & Melody Album set for 5th July

Josh Ghani: People would say you love collaborative project, your first project was a collaborative project with Skyman. What’s your response to this?
A Short interview with Kalito few days to Vibes & melody Album
Official front cover of the tape VIBES & Melody by KAlito & Jay wonder
A Short interview with Kalito few days to Vibes & melody Album
Official track list of the project Vibes and melody kalito & jay Wonder
Kalito: i derive joy in connecting with great people i try to learn from different people that is why i work with them if we work together Just know you got something special and am willing to learn and also trying to put the talent you’ve got out
Josh Ghani: What’s so special about the project?

The Code (prod. Seekbeats) – Kalito X Jay wonder

Kalito: This project is so unique far from what i’ve ever thought i can ever put out,far from what you’ve been hearing around,when it drops you will understand what i mean
Josh Ghani: What was the creative process like?

Kalito: mehn i must confess JayWonder and Seekbeats put in more of the Hardwork,They source out the Songs from the scratch I just come to Listen and Vibe to it,contribute and stuffs like that,But Mehn i feel Blessed to work with great Men like That,And Also The Features we’ve got on the Album Non gave us headache It was smooth and They delivered On a hunnid
Josh Ghani: How long did it took you & Jay Wonder to write & record the whole project?

Kalito: Three to Four Months
Josh Ghani: How many tracks & featured artiste are on the project?

Kalito: its a 15tracked album weve got 7 tracks for feautures

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