Nifty Breezy – Ooh Kay (Diss is Me)

So I woke up this morning and found this in my mail... 

Nif come look what these niggas are saying (Ooh k!) 
Ooh k! Ooh k! 
Here's something to talk about
I see u niggas running ur mouth
While I'm steady ballin u niggas go in circle like kaduna stadium roundabout
U dope okay this is loud
U ain't got no goal is disallowed
I'm the V.A.R I gotta cross check the shit dat u do no no benefits of doubt 
Laffin to ur comments saying nifty pls diss Emmy Jay
guess u all miss me & once again u wanna be dismayed
I left u niggas glued to ma shit oh should I disintegrate
I'm heavyweight check the ring then you'd know that I'm fuckin engaged..
I mean I own the whole game ya'll doin fractional
How can I go local when I'm fuckin international
Turn u to casualties wen I flow cos u flow casual I'm extra ordinaire wat am doin is Supernatural
Now lemme talk about this anyway
I'm so proud that the newest kid on the block is now the fuckin brik
 I'm proud of the foundation dat I laid
While I cement ma place above ya'll I'll be bringing in more bricks
Like level up
U screaming Jesus cos the devil's up
The jig is up and here's something 4u to revel on.
My medals all around ma neck I've been a champion
So here's the baton of the relay man u can carry on
I been to different cities reppin ma city like all day
From lasgidi to GH, DUBAI, US to UK 
I'm coaching these niggas I run the game I'm choosing who plays 
These niggas don't matter so fuck ya'll & fuck wat u say
I've made some fans turned artistes some artistes turned fans
chicks wonderin thinking I'm stealing their mans.
I'm shaking their career
They dreaming of shaking ma hands
They callin me boss they trynna get in touch by chance
Maybe I should've laughed about it than to rap about it
u wanted a track so u can blab about it
All u niggas getting hurt now how about that 
Comin for da brik & gettin ur asses whooped oh I'm fuckin proud 
 DIA wit the REAL deal
 Kel for the culture
Shits bouh to get real gear up for the torture..
new sch gangsta Emmys comin for ur asses 
Flip the bird on ya'll I see beef I turn to a vulture.
Haha I swear man Emmy Jay
U know what it do
Ain't nobody fuckin with u as long as I'm alive
Cos I'm the fuckin Best Rapper Alive
I'm here to hold u rappers mama's fallen boobs cos I'm the #BRA haha
(Nif that was so rude)

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Anonymous said…

you better pack to the back
cuz KD RAPPER'S aint afraid to smack
and skills is what you lack