Peeroy – I'm Your Worst Nightmare (Emmy Jay Diss)

And it keeps coming...


Sae am d best rapper in crockcity, no doubt
I gat a landmines in between my own lines
I always wana give a middle finger cause am hard
Fake rappers goan bow to my tow cause ama king
4ep no blow, u workin ursef up now u coming with the new school gangstr
Short black boy wana blow yeah, u need to pay a pretty bitches for d blow job 
U aint gona like 
emmy wen am done here
Cause am the modafuckin BRIK nd gimme sme respect

Bro levelup, u need to addup sme swag
I sae mke u levelup.
I aint drunk wen am tryna put d pen down but it gat me tinkin about the hahaha
U know, bcoz of this I wrote my version Drank for tot for real I gat my own version
The only real bout u is ur wack swag
U need to tush up yung OG mke u level up
I put my hand on my head, fake feelin gat me thinking bout the man in d game
No beef so me i just carry d game
Ur worst nightmare, no beef bro am ur worst nightmare

Before we get down shout out to real OGS
Shout out kel, nifty bishop nd biggy khalli
I gat some real Ogs in d game I give respect
Am not d modafuckin BRIK but I still murder
No beef, am still ur own brodaman
Mah niqqurs makin all d major wave, mo doubt but me am running major race on my own
M d bst, m d king, m d modaduckin BRIK
If u gat a pro wth dam fuck u

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