Rymboxx – Let The BRIK Be

And The Light Album Crooner Rymboxx Had to do a Lil Freestyle for the Culture. 



Let the BRIK be
Yo! I said... let the BRIK be!

Sometimes we fight because we know say we go win
Sometimes we no fit handle agony of defeat
Other times nko? We just wanna lose it
Give some people respect
They just wan abuse it
Funny how everybody turn brick layer
The kid calls himself the BRIK, we wan slay am
I see alot of rappers tryna talk but i ain't hearing shit
I get on the mic and i just flow- diarrhoea shiiit
I'm in the front, you in the rear 
I leave rappers dead in the air like that Aaliyah
If a nigga step to me, I'm quick to let him know
I'm quick to let it show
I'm quick to let it go
No dey yarn where i dey, dey make noise where i dey
See this boy sef, fight with you no go tey
Cos I'm tight to a hype and I'm ripe right here
I'm the type that can wipe off your rap career
I be superstar and i ain't talking bubble gum 
You no fir sex with me, no be condom
I no be blender but i dey grind
So permit me to say krockcity is mine
And my flow get belly that's why i too dey "phee phee"
Spit everywhere i go, for the pepper
See them dey run come, cos e don done
Food wey i dey cook here, e don done
But where you bin dey wen the boy no reach? 
Now I'm in a class of my own, i no go teach you 
You too dark i no dey see you, go bleach
No be punchline guy, buy tura go bleach
I'm in my own lane i be BRT bus
See these haters they wan try to be us
Before you come at me with the hate you give
I suggest you do like tree and leave

Get it? Tree... like mango tree... e get leaf...
Yo! Let the BRIK be

And i ain't even a rapper though

Let the BRIK be

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