Shi'ites will not suspend its protests- Ibrahim El-Zakzaky's daughter vows (video)

The daughter of the imprisoned leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria aka Shi'ites, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, Suhaila, has disowned the statement issued by the group’s spokesman, Ibrahim Musa, that they will suspend its daily street protest following the proscription of their activities by the Federal government.

Musa in a statement made available to newsmen yesterday, said the group would temporarily suspend the daily protest following the prosciption of their activities by the Federal government. Musa said the group would also be challenging its proscription in court.

Suhalia in a video posted online said the statement released by Musa is not the true position of the group as they would continue their daily protests until their leader El-Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenah, are released. 

Suhalia in the video said
''I am making this video to address the issue of the press statement that went out today saying that the Islamic Movement has decided not to continue with the protests going on in Abuja. This is not the official view of the Islamic movement. The protests are continuing and even as I record the video right now, earlier today, there was a protest in Abuja and there will be tomorrow and there will continue to be protests on every weekday.

I just wanted to clarify because I saw news agencies stating that spokesperson of this movement released the statement. First of all, the Islamic movement has no such thing as a spokesperson and the person who wrote this article (is) the chairman of the media forum; the media forum, just like the numerous forums we have in the Islamic movement, is just a forum that is there for people within that field to have their own space and activities within the Islamic movement. We have the academic forum and so many other forums. 

This person Musa has nothing to do with the people organising this protest that have been going on in Abuja and are still going on and will continue to go on till El-Zakzaky is freed.” she said

On Wednesday Musa said that the group would be suspending protests and take the Federal Government to court over its (Shi’ites’) proscription.

Watch her video below

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