Vader The Wildcat – Improper Fracture (Blaqbonez Diss) + Lyrics

Blaq Blaq Blaqbonez, have you any Ls?
One  for M Abaga, one for AQ
And  one for this other guy that works with AQ
I don't know his name

[Verse: Vader]
Who's greater than the Lord Divine
Cos  now I see niggas calling shots like the Lord resigned
This  is a clear case of delusions of grandeur
The best who? You just a rapper from around here
Let's  break it down, you talking skills or lyricism?
Such a bogus claim without a shroud of empiricism
You the best at what? You're just popping bro
And I'm happy for you, but see you're bugging though
Quit  that fucking narrative
We data scientists at wts, let that marinate
So when you talking about all of those numbers
We laughing at what you're sniffing that's keeping your nose running
Plus you ain't doing shit for hip-hop
U just doing shit MI did for his album rollout and it still flopped!
Repeating a strategy that backfired
Baiting niggas with a claim then you start a fire
Then wait on the response sure niggas will rap
Then turn around and say you're doing a lot for the art
But shortly after drop a project, ride on the wave
No be today, we know how it plays
It's quite unfortunate that all these niggas at the apex
Are preying on a genre already alienated
And why the fuck is M playing the judge and jury
Man enough of the cameos, stay the hell out this movie
Blaq, I know you ain't mentioned my name outta respect
I got god level bars you should know what to expect
Got em bars ready to rip adversaries apart
I don't do nothing for clout, that ain't what I'm about
Remember those funny skits I did for your project
I did them outta love I ain't even asked you for credits
Fast forward a year I hollered at you for performance slot
At the coronation, I didn't get a response
But we move, I chunked it in my fuck it bucket
Eyes forward, what happened in the past is not important
But if you spent about a decade in the underground
A couple months of popping shouldn't have you run your mouth
You make it look like you're really getting stashed
What I got from my Pepsi ad, your label ain't given you cash
Stop acting like you making that bar man
You just got rent money to get an apartment
Tell me I'm making this up
You got a group of people on WhatsApp to get your streams up
So these numbers you talk of, are made of a bulk of
Few people with extra data to chalk off
Don't be fooled ma nigga, you better stay grounded
The only thing nice about the diss was the name calling
-Maybe I should start rapping full-time
Maybe drop a project with tGM in a few nights
Maybe holler at TeckZilla, and drop a stinker
Or maybe quit rap, and showcase my skills as a singer
My little following already know I'm a comedian
And actor, a superman of many parts I really am
If all of that don't work, then it's back to my books
But when they fuck you up Blaq, what are you going to do?

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