Someone threatened to Physically Attack Me – Judith Caleb

Social media have always been a way for everyone to share their opinions on things they feel should be talked about. 

It is a forum without censorship, a place to speak without any encumbrances and limitations. However, increasingly, it happens that if people disagree with your opinions, you will face abuse that is personal in nature based on your gender, religion, place of origin or other personal specifications. 

During the Kasu girls vs Judith Caleb saga, lol! I got a lot of insults and attacks. 

But guess what? I didn’t say a word!!

I allowed people to freely express themselves and type all the grammar they know. I just watched and smiled. I honestly didn’t care about the accusations and name calling.. I know who I am.. I know I didn’t do any of the things I was accused of and I owed no one explanation. So I “unlooked” people who know me know me and people who decided to believe, Is their business.

 I have been a Pastor’s child all my life, Attacks comes naturally with the job description lol! “So nothing I never hear”

I expected the people who knew my post wasn’t for them to “unlook it” but no, some people must just type.. which I didn’t mind.. 

When the whole drama was happening, I was in my room watching anime, eating Shawarma and minding my business. I didn’t have the energy to drag or insult online, what would I have gained? NOTHING. I said what I had to say and MOVED 

Some people said I wanted to trend lol! If I knew that post was going to trend, I would have made the post on my blog.. that’s my only regret 😫

Secondly, I noticed comments from people who probably studied journalism in the university trying to teach me Blogging “laughs” It was the funniest of them all… 

Some said “that wasn’t journalism” and it made me wonder when blogging became journalism 

I am a blogger and not a journalist the two are completely different and shouldn’t be mixed. 

It is only in this part of the world that we see blogging as Journalism but it’s not.. let’s educate ourself please. 

“A blog is a regularly updated website or webpage, usually run by an individual or small group of people and written in a conversation style”

I didn’t see Journalism anywhere in the definition lol! 

It mean Judith Caleb’s Blog is my space. I pick carefully what I post, that also means, I can decide to post A and not Post B. It all depends on what my readers want. 

So please if I don’t post somethings here, it probably means my Audience don’t like such. I did a question and Answer charts some months back and got feedback from my actually readers And that’s what I’m using. 

People, Please don come and put “San San in my garri” I beg you in the name of God…. to be continued 

Kindly drop a comment on the blog. I have something for the 50th comment under this post.. leggo 💃🏻💃🏻

I love you all! ❤️❤️ 

More love and less Hate! 


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