The Future Of Music is Not Independent, It Is Partnership - Paul McPetros

To be an independent artiste means to be a creative artiste with the resources to do for yourself at least 70% what a record label can do for you.

Some of the resources are capital, creativity, strategic communications, collaboration and more.

So, wait. 

Before you boycott services from record labels, you need to understand what record labels do. I have the opinion that, some independent artistes would have been more successful with a record deal than without one and the other way round. But because of the freedom that comes with independence, they see having a record deal as selling their creative freedom.

And moreover, they're better and lucrative deals an independent artiste can sign with a label. It's all about the value you're bringing to the table.

The apostles (especially artistes) preaching the gospel of independence for artistes were either once signed to a label or have an affiliation with a label. They are lots of businesses happening behind the independent scene that we don't know about.

In years to come, record label would be a phrase and not a reality because an individual can be a record label as long as he/she is rendering the services of a label.

I give you an instance: Starboy is an independent artiste and a record label with an affiliation with a Major in the United States and other big companies and busineses across the globe. I can make more instances with Davido, Mr. Eazi and Burna Boy.

If I'm ask to be independent or have a record deal, I would go for both. I would be an independent artiste in partnership with a label.

So, I repeat... The future of music is not independent. It is partnership.


Paul McPetros is a Music Business wannabe Executive.

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