Rapper Emtee caught stealing RG cigarettes at China Mall

It's a rather sad day for Mthembeni Ndevu, better known by his stage name Emtee, who was caught earlier today stealing a pack of RG ciggies. 

The incident happened at Xi Peng Wholesalers in Dragon City, China Mall and this left fans with questions as to what Emtee was doing at a wholesale shopping center that supplies bogus goods and manufacturer rip-offs. Leading many fans to think that maybe that's the only place Emtee can now afford to shop at since Ambitiouz Entertainment fired him and took everything from him, including a house and cars.

The shopping center is infamous for it's notorious carjackings and the unregulated fake goods sold in almost all of it's shops. I'm a regular at mall but I don't go there for clothing, it's usually for food and many thieves are caught there daily but it came as a surprise when I found out that a close friend of mine, Emtee was caught for stealing a product so minuscule.

Police weren't called to the scene as the shop owner's son, Jek Li, recognized him and asked that he perform one song for him. Like in Chinese films, his father slapped him then pulled him by the ear whilst accusing him of being a disgrace to the family. 

Emtee obliged to Jek's request and performed his rendition of "Gangnam Style" by Korean rapper PSY. After killing the song, he was then asked by the boy's father or the store owner to repeat what he just did and Emtee then performed the song again. 

Soon everyone joined him and the boy's father cried while he kept on repeating the words, "Me solly for ormost call popo on you madafakha." Before they let him go, he was asked to write the lyrics to what he just freestyled and leave the beat made by MashBeatz so that they could later use it for karaoke.

After this whole ordeal, Emtee who looked a little high, was let go and he promised to never steal again in his entire life.

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