South Africans Protest Against Burna Boy, Say They Don’t Want Him In Their Country

Some set of people in South Africa who are under the aegis of Tshwane Collective have sent a petition to the minister of arts and culture, kicking against the inclusion of Burna Boy in two concerts scheduled for 23 and 24 November.

This objection has come as a result of the tweet Burna Boy posted on Twitter during the Xenophobic attack on foreigners in South Africa by South Africans where he said he would never step a foot in South Africa ever again. 

It appears the “African Giant” has now been booked for a show in the country and some South Africans truly want him to abide by that tweet as they don’t want him in their country.

They wrote; “He promised to never set a foot in SA again until the government “wakes the f*ck up and really performs a miracle.”

What do you think about this development? Should Burna be allowed to perform or not?

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