Tha Elementz: "The (9) Elements Of Hiphop Workshop/Talent Hunt Hiphop Concert"

Welcome to Tha Elementz 2019.

Tha Elementz is a youths and Hiphop project that seeks to improve and bridge the socio-cultural and economic gap between youths in Nigeria. The youths will be supported to acquire arts as well as development and leadership skills that can enhance socio-cultural and economic transformation across diversities.

Mo Hauz Entertainment intends to capitalize on the 9 elements of hip hop as a tool towards achieving the following objectives:
1. To continue to organize regular hip hop activities for youngsters in Nigeria
2. To start organizing hip hop activities in selected areas within Nigeria
3. To build leadership skills and self-esteem of the youths
4. To showcase hip hop talents at regular events/festivals
5. To connect youths within Nigeria with the wider world
6. To make collaborations between performing artists from different regions
7. To develop innovations amongst young people
8. To generate employment opportunities for youngsters
9. To enhance career chances of talented young hip hop artists.

Dear hip hop head/artist, you now have the chance to participate in any of the hip hop elements such as; Breakdance, Graffiti Art, Rap and Deejaying, hip hop fashion/Branding,  Street Knowledge (Knowledge of self), poetry, Beat Boxing, and Entrepreneurship/Self Ownership.

At the end of this maiden hip hop activities, the youths will be able to understand the positive/negative effect of hip hop to our communities, the importance of a business mind to a hip hop artist, and artistic expression/Art of public speaking. 

All youths and hip hop artists are hereby invited to be partakers in this annual event. Thank you!
Mo Hauz Entertainment.

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