KD TOP10: Weekly Countdown With "Richard Garu" (3RD WEEK DEC)

We sincerely apologise for not able to air the program this week due to some technical issues but here is the preview...

10. Rayuwa by V'zar
9. Jolombi by Djmoore
8. More vibe by Djmoore
7. For you by Elkeys
6. Mary Jane by Rhymebox
5. No shaking by Mateske
4. Love me now by Etuk prince
3. Regular by Joshefizi
2. Confidence by Richpen
1. Still searching by JoJo Oreo X Jayphil 

Thanks for Voting, Remain Blessed as you enjoy the rest of the week.

Note: list for voting next week will be out on Friday. 

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