MBGSK: Release Statement To Clear The Air On Scam Accusations


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen ,it has become very expedient and compelling for us the esteem organizers of the first ever of it’s kind, “MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN SOUTHERN KADUNA”, to respond appropriately, using the same medium, in addressing some negative statements, trending on social media and other channels of communication.

MBGSK is a group of interesting individuals, whose aim is to put Southern Kaduna diverse and uniqe culture on the World map, using pageantry as a tool for harmonious coexistence towards promoting peace and growth of the people's culture of the  region.
While we are on the tough trip of ensuring that, the 3rd edition is a success, we were confronted with phone calls and emails, from some mischievous elements calling and tagging the most colourful and respected MBGSK, a scam, on social media! This is quite disturbing as some bitter elements have taken the oath of given the sleeping dog a bad image. 
It is  worthy of note that, these decent girls, became MBGSK ambassadors from the day, they were screened, enlisted, they became Queens, by adhering to the rules/ethics, guiding the pageantry, to work assidiously in achieving the common goal of ensuring it’s vision and mission is fully recognised within and outside the precincts of Southern Kaduna.

MBGSK has survived its gestation stage to this moment, running expenses without sponsorship, rather preying on individual funding,(Organizers), with the camping alone costing huge sums, this is aside feeding and transporting the Crown-heads and members for tours and special visitations to historical and tourists sites, also paying courtesy calls to some respected traditional chiefs of some parts of the state, all these, while on camp.

Consequently, a prominent politician had instructed these Empresses, (Queens), each to submit a proposal for their individual projects which he promised to sponsor and make them ambassadors for his foundation, but none acted in line with these  directives. The team/Organizers had asked them also to sign their contracts, which they also failed to. Often times, the management do call for meetings but the Queens are usually not available, while some are acting nonchalant and disloyal to the management. Several times we see them attending events and projects as MBGSK Queens without the consent and approval of the management. We also talked about placing them on stipends. But let us be fair in judging, how can you pay someone who work in isolation and not as a team with the management as signed in the contract? Some have never called for a meeting to discuss about the lacunas,(If any), or perhaps, discuss issues bothering on on ways to promote the growth and development of this project. How then do you forge ahead or pay people who are lackadaisical with their obligations as captured in the contract? The management is oblige to pay them when they come forward with a contract signed or proof stating what was agreed upon.

We believe in team work to achieve our vision and mission, but it’s been one sided-effort all along.

We wish to state categorically that, the organizers of MBGSK is not unaware of these mischievous elements, who are aging under their parental tutelage, who in their usual style of beefing and casting aspersions, have chosen  the drunken style of wooing the general public with their hatred and lies. We are standing firm and assuring our well-wishers, that it has become imperative to clear the ill news and wrong perception, but  believing in our dreams. 

While we remain unshakable, like a moving train, nothing can slow our pace or stop us, except God our creator, in whom we trust to achieve our goals and leave a legacy for the next generation to come. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 3rd Edition of this annual colourful pageantry.

Thank you,

God bless the Queens!
God bless Southern Kaduna!!
Godbless Nigeria!!!


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