"Never Say Never" Crooner "Yung Millz" Talks About The Good, Bad & Ugly Part Of his Music Career.


"Sum tym ago I lost everything and I was depressed and ashamed" of my self to d point dat I stayed away from people,my  carrier was almost dead and my so called gf was d devil her self,my dad had accident and mum was sick and I was far from home,man was in Lagos hustling and I was fucking broke nobody to turn to I gave up on everything even on God and started taking alcohol to calm down I became addicted to it,my friends and pals dey laugh mi say shey u follow woman go lag u never see anything and dey gave mi a name like yungmillz d sugar boi,but few believed in mi even wen me no believe in my self and I posted I am done with music,but one guy comment shake mi,he said baba I wish say Na mi get ur voice dash mi,and a lady sent mi money dat dis is d little I have manage,fam it was 50k and another sent 30k men d money b like 80million dollars I got back a little bit and hit d studio and I dropped a song titled never never and I got a little deal from USA and oder deal too I came to Kd and I met Queen Jay who told mi she is a fan too,she is a strong woman trust mi and I met Emmystrings Beat who became a brother and blood we talked and planned my project #GutOverFear #GOF we dropped d project and boom everything come soft for d boy but b4 d project my songs was removed from different top ten and many djz stop playing my records bcox I had isuse wit my x,i was not included in any show dem change am for mi and remove mi from settings,but if God b 4 u who can b against u,let mi stop here by saying never let wat people say or do stop u from achieving ur dreams,i swear everybody get were dey pain am,2020 I am going international I gat mad fans and love dere Casperdallas Mus Ic Biggy Khali Kel Cypha Elgin Brownlee Arewa Pride Yaron Mudis Blogg Kada Naija u all are free to blog it. 

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