[Ep] Imax Phill – Ninety Seven

Popular Adamawa state rapper Imax Phillis here with his debut “EP


The rapper say the EP is about his life from 1997 when he was born,

The Ep is his real life story..

He said to him, this is the best thing he ever did and he’s glad he shared it with all his listeners.

Check Tracklist Below

The project was compiled, Mixed, mastered and deployed by Teekross Studio


Download Full Ep Below

1. Imax-Phill – Dear Heart

2. Imax-Phill – 48hours In Cell

3. Imax Phill – For A Long Time

4. Imax Phill – Talk To You

Download And Share.

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Unknown said…
Well,imax Phil is one of Ad's best rapp lead that I've listened to in past years, starting from his track titled 'BRIAD'which made a strong wave in the states.i've wondered how he puts these tracks together bringing out the best antiques anyone would love to listen to..left to me, he's the future rapp of this country..All the way up imax Phil.