PHOTOS: Hnr. Zailani AJ Musa's Official Declaration to Run For Chairman Kaduna South


Here are some photos from the just concluded Declaration Gathering by Hnr. Zailani AJ Musa that took place over the weekend.

Here are a few things you should take note of:

Zailani AJ Musa will govern with all sense of responsibility, positively with optimism about our future, with a relentless focus on a recovery that brings the people of Kaduna South with him to deliver long lasting change. Now more than ever is the time to keep going, to keep working, to grab hold of the opportunities that lay in front of us. So let’s step forward together. Let’s keep moving.

As a Local Government, we need a plan for recovery. And that is what Zailani AJ Musa has created.

This is our opportunity to build an economy that works for everyone, to keep creating decent jobs, to up-skill and train our people, to protect our environment and address some of our climate challenges, to take on poverty and inequality, to turn all of the uncertainty and hard times into cause for hope and optimism. It’s an opportunity we have already grabbed and a plan he has laid out to invest in the infrastructure while creating jobs for the people.

Support Zailani AJ Musa for Chairman, Kaduna South LG.

Mai jama'a sai mai jama'a

Man for the people for the people.


See More Photos After The Cut.

His Declaration Speech. 

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